Problem accessing external hard drive over network

2. Right-click the name of the external hard drive that you want to share and select "Properties." Click the "Sharing" tab and select "Advanced Sharing." Which Is Better: Network Storage or External Hard Drive? Aug 30, 2010 Share External Hard Drive Over A Network Solutions I have an office with 2 computers that share an external hard drive (Win XP Home). I also have 2 additional computers in an office in a different building that use XP Pro. I would like all 4 of these computers to be able to access the external hard drive to share files. The comptuers are on seperate networks, no domain, DHCP IPs.

How to share an external USB hard drive from Ubuntu to a

Jul 26, 2019 Problem accessing external hard drive over network Apr 06, 2017 Unable to share drive on home network error: "you do not

How to Add a Hard Drive to a Network - dummies

Accessing external storage across th | NVIDIA GeForce Forums The problem that the OP has is not exclusive to the Shield and is an issue with SMB, and is a fairly common issue especially when mixing SMB (Windows protocol) and Samba (the open source version of SMB and what the Shield actually uses). If fact though, you can attach a external drive to the Shield and share the entire drive over your network. How to share Hard Disk over network by connecting it to Aug 29, 2019