Backup was slow so I cleared data. Now photos is stuck in 'getting your photos', only uploading photos on my phone. If I search for photos, they all show up. But backup will not work as it is saying getting photos. I've tried everything and exhausted all ideas. I have no sd card.

How to Delete Photos From iPhone But Not From Google Photos Jan 08, 2020 How to delete photos from your Android device and retain Aug 29, 2016 How To Delete Photos From iPhone Without Deleting From How to hide photos on your iPhone. If you are wanting to delete the photos from your iPhone because you don't want someone to see them, rather than because you want to save space, then the best Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Jan 08, 2020 How to delete photos from your Android device and retain

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Open your Google Photos application from the phone and select the photos you want to delete. Open the Google Photos app. At the bottom, tap Photos. Touch and hold a photo or video you want to move to trash. Method 3. Backup and Delete Photos from iPhone to Free Up Storage. Since syncing photos to iCloud is not that convenient when it needs to delete photos on iPhone separately but not iCloud, you can backup your iPhone photos to computer instead of iCloud. Thus you can easily manage and delete photos from iPhone to save storage space without To delete multiple photos, you can use Free Up Space option on the Google Photos app that will actually remove/delete all the data file (Photos and videos) from your phone that have already been backed up completely to the Google Photos and not the ones which aren't backed up to the Google Photos. Jun 17, 2019 · Once the setting is on and your images have been backed up, you can delete them from your iPhone. To delete pictures from your iPhone, open the Apple Photos app and choose Photos from the bottom menu. Aug 01, 2017 · Step 4: Login your iCloud and select the iCloud backup file that contains your deleted photos referring to the backup date, after which all the iCloud backup data will recover to your iPhone. Step 5: Wait for the progress complete. Do not disconnect your iPhone from Wi-Fi. The time needed depends on the amount of the data in backup file. May 07, 2020 · Using iCloud on a web browser to delete your photos is probably the simplest option. It allows you to delete all your iCloud photos at one time. Deleting iCloud Photos From Your iPhone. If you want to delete photos from your iCloud, the easiest way to do this is to simply delete them from the Photos library on your iPhone.