If you're having trouble logging in or remembering your password, you can change it. Note that you'll need access to an email or mobile phone number associated with your Facebook account in order to successfully reset your password.

Sep 13, 2018 How to Change Your Gmail Password - YouTube Sep 30, 2016 Change Your Password | Facebook Help Center | Facebook If you're in the US, send a text message (SMS) to 32665 with the message otp.If you're not in the US, check this list to see which mobile carriers support this feature and what number you should use.; If your mobile number is already linked to your Facebook account, we'll reply with a unique, 6-character temporary password. Gmail is not allowing me to use the old password. What Google (and many other websites) have a security policy in which you cannot be allowed to use your previous password again and also reset your password for some time period once you have reset it. This is to prevent your account from getting compr

Oct 21, 2014 · Here’s how to change your Gmail password in 5 simple steps: Step 1: First things first. Log into your Gmail account, and tap on the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner.

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